No shortcuts

I build my ORBIT wheels one at a time here in Flanders, Belgium. While the tension is build up bit by bit, wheels are being distressed several times and all the contact surfaces receive a special grease to reduce friction even at the highest tension while also protection the components against corrosion.

Only the very best components are being used to make some of the fastest and most durable wheels possible. 

T800 wide aero rims

All the rims I use are made to my stringent requirements with the higher grade Toray T800 3k carbon-fibre because it makes the rims lighter and stiffer than the commonly used lower grades carbon. There is also opted for 3k over UD for the extra strength around the nipple holes.

The shape is a wide profile (27.5mm - 25mm at the brake tracks) with a proven aero shape. 


The special ORBIT hubs are CNC machined in Europe to the highest standards. The design has been optimized for extremely high lateral stiffness and the high quality Japanese bearings spin smooth as butter. 

External nipples

They not only make adjusting ORBIT wheels (which is rarely needed) much easier but also reduce the rational mass and are less sensitive for corrosion. 


Only European, cold forged aero spokes (Sapim CX-Ray) are being used. These are selected for their strength, lightness and aerodynamic properties. 

The black anodized finish add to the corrosion resistance and durability.  

7 Grams of piece of mind

These little conical washers are worth their weight in gold on the long term. These multiply the nipple to rim surface and avoid high stress around the nipple holes.

Both surfaces are treated with our special grease to further reduce friction at high tension while also avoiding corrosion on the log term. 


Good wheel building takes time. There are NO shortcuts. It is my single minded goal not to build as many wheels as possible but the very best possible. 

Only the very best tools are being used such as our custom made P&KLie stand with offers the possibility to adjust up to 5/100mm which is rarely seen in the industry. DT-Swiss spoketension meters are verified on a regular basis on our own developed calibration tool. 


One of the most important qualities a good wheelset has is high lateral stiffness. The ORBIT hubs, spokes and rims are designed to work as a whole and offer some of the highest stiffness values found on the market. Therefor you'll experience unrivaled acceleration and efficiency. Every pedal stroke is transferred into pure speed.


Everything I do, every details I focus on is to offer you a wheelset to survive the thoughest conditions often seen on our belgian roads. We build our wheels to be used on a daily basis so no race or special-day-only wheels here. 

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